Thank you for helping us raise


through the Friends of Carolina park direct donation campaign! We really appreciate all the donations and can't wait to put them to use in the 2023-2024 school year! 


Last year the Friends of Carolina Park campaign raised $84,000 for this school year. As of 2/21/23, PTO has spent just over $56,000 on the following items:

  • Technology teacher salary
  • Enrichment programs for the Low Incidence classrooms
  • Grade level funds
  • Classroom supply grant
  • Special Area grants
  • Engaging Creative Minds for all grade levels
  • Hospitality budget for the staff workroom
  • PTO Adopted staff gifts
  • House program costs
  • Book fair money for free/reduced lunch families.

We still have have money allocated for Palooza events, concrete pad under outdoor classroom, 5th grade graduation events, Teacher & Staff Appreciation week, and potentially another classroom supply grant.


We really appreciate all our business sponsors and individual donations!

coyote chiefs

The Krause Family
The Gabel Family
Jason & Christen Hightower
Jessica & Ryan Young
Michael and Jessica Daugherty
The Prevatte Family


coyote commanders

The Herzke Family
The Weber Family
Judd and Heather Borders
Beau & Suzanne Ledford
The Cook Family


coyote champions

Amy Forss
Matt Toresco
Ashley & David Brown
Cathleen Lauricella
The Warley Family
Elena Odom
Fran Clouse
Juliet and Steve Quick
Bratton Family
Nydia Bordon
Sarah and Travis Free
Sarah Taylor
The Jones Family


coyote celebrators

Aimee Clifford
Alex Pugh
Alice Sires
Alicia Ferguson
Amanda Fritts
Amber Phillabaum
Amber Rolfes
Amy Jardin
Carole Goss
Christy Prater
Dueger Family
Duval Family
Eikevik Family
Elizabeth Bonner
Ingram Family
Jake & Laura Fay
Jen Dumas
Jenny Smith
Jonathon Gruber
Julie Hetrick
Kaci Townsend
Kelly DeJong
Kellye McKenzie
Kristian Ferguson
Latoya Joseph
Makenzie Fay
Mason Kinkade and family
Mercuri Family
Park Family
Paul Chang
Petree family
Sara Paglio
Sidik family
Tara French
Thach Tran
The Ausburn Family
The Bohara Family
The Fabrega Family
The Hadden Family
The Haliburtons
The Hay Family
The Hoey Family
The Kennickell Family
The McDonough Family
The Nee Family
The Reece Family
The Roebuck Family
The Spruiell Family
The Thomas Family
The Wachters
The Worthy Family
The Young Family
Zach Darpino 


Coyote Classmate $180

Agnes Cantey
Amanda Tepke
Annika Harold
The Bleda’s
Boas Baumann
Brianna Grech
Brittany Greer
Danielle Brose
Devoe Family
Gergana Pencheva
Glen Bracciodieta
Guech Ung
Hilary Feliz
Jessica Marmor
Jim and Wendy Sarver
Karen Cauley
Katy Conner
Lee Family
Lindsay Crain
Lindsey Brown
Lindsey Watts
Lorena Munoz
Lynnae Riggio
Marcelena Stanford
Maria Claro's Family
Marshall Family
Mary Hamilton
Matheson Family
Megan Hassold
Melissa Hortman
Michele Gabriel
Rebecca Crouch
Rothmyer Family
Tatevik Yeghiazaryan
Teri Mele
The DeGroot Family
The Everetts
The Gold Family
The Hoffmans
The Keegan Family
The Rampant Family
The van Weezendonk family
The Vana Family
The Wallaces
The Wilson Family
Woronowich Family


coyote classmate $100

Sam Molzer
The Kreutzer Family
The Shone Family
Christine Kelly
Annabeth Bodily
Ben Edwards
Christina Hurman
Cuneo Family
David Norris
Destiny Cortis
Family Aporszegi
Heather Hollingsworth
Jeff Eulau
Joe and Cheryl Isaac
Julia Hassig
Kate Austin
Kendra Lovas
Nichols Family
Nicole Barattini
Nina Cafiero
Nora Siwarski
Paige Ducey
Pizzurro Family
Radford Family
Rebecca Benware
Ruby and Craig Mitchum
S. Kistler
Samuel Paduani Jr.
Taryn McKenzie
The Amistade family
The Glembin family
The Jimenez Ullal Family
The McMann Family
Trina Bailey
Weston Bull
William's "B"
Frances Parker
Jen Charveron
Nagpal Family
Quang Chan
Sharon and Mike Mullins
The Dembowski’s
Karen Stasio
Robert and Barbara Hamilton